How Children Learn Music


Music instruction at eLearner U is delivered the same successful way that children acquire a language:  they first listen, then speak, and finally read and write. Because language learning is accessible through this process, music learning is also naturally acquired through the progression of listening, singing, reading, and writing.

Students achieve independence in these music skills by first watching the teacher model, next doing with the teacher, and then doing it alone. 

How eLearner U Works


Course content is housed on the learning management system called Canvas. Parents and students can access Canvas via a computer’s web browser or on the mobile apps Canvas Student and Canvas Parent. Physical components include the Student Journal, Parent Guide, and Composer Kid Kit.

Students log into Canvas each lesson to Watch It, Do It, and Check It. Lessons are designed so as to allow minimal effort on the part of the parent. The Parent Guide is the answer key to the Student Journal. It uses lay terminology to inform the parent of every lesson objective and what the child is to do with each page of the Student Journal.

eLearner U is meant to fit the structure and flexibility of your family's homeschool schedule.

How to See What It's Like

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  1. Click on this link for Canvas.

  2. In the search bar type in eLearner U.

  3. Click on the course called eLearner U Sample Course.

How eLearner U Started

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Once upon a time there was a homeschooler who loved music but didn't have access to music education until she she started taking flute lessons in high school. She played in church and joined the public high school band.

Then she graduated and went off to Bob Jones University to major in music education. Only...since this homeschooler hadn't had much music background, getting a college degree in the field was tough.

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But she was too stubborn to quit. Finally she graduated with honors and then also got extra training during the summers at Appalachian State University.

This homeschooler went on to teach in private, public, and charter schools.  In the meantime, she earned a masters degree in music education as an online student.

~The End

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Actually, it isn't the end.  Homeschooler Charity is now Teacher Charity, and now she is teaching homeschoolers who don't have local options for music learning.

Charity trains her students to develop problem-solving processes so they can become lifelong, independent learners. She pushes her kids to excel, yet not to the point that they dislike their work. Besides music, Charity likes playing with her dogs Shadow and Flippy, riding horses, playing soccer, and making pottery.

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