Learning Experience

Will I have classmates or interact with other kids?

You will have a classmate only if your sibling is taking the class with you on purpose.

Is there homework?

You could call it that if you wanted. Or you could call it “practicing my new skills in my Student Journal.”

Am I graded?

Students earn points by taking online quizzes. If the student is engaged during the lesson, the accompanying quiz should be simple. The parent can use the Parent Guide to check a student's work in the Student Journal.

Is eLearner U exclusively for homeschoolers?

While intended to meet the unique needs of homeschooling communities, eLearner U does welcome non-homeschoolers.


What is the time commitment for the student and the parent?

Your child will spend about an hour on each lesson, and there are 35 lessons in each course. These can be spread throughout the year or be done within a concentrated time period. There is no particular start or end date for a course.

The parent decides how minimal the time he or she will spend supervising the course.  Mom and Dad can refer to the Parent Guide to check the child’s work in the Student Journal. Parents can also view on Canvas the student's course grade from the online quizzes.

Do I need instruments?

If you already have an instrument, that is great! These courses are intended to be super cost-conscious, so no purchases will be required of students. If you need an instrument, I know you can make yourself a drum or a maraca or something no one has ever seen before!

What computer skills and equipment do I need?

If you can open your browser, your techy skills should be good enough. As for equipment, you just need either a tablet or computer. If you go mobile, download the Canvas Student and/or Canvas Parent app.


What does it cost?

There are two categories of eLearner U courses: published and live. Published courses are 35 prerecorded lessons with physical manipulatives, student activity book, and parent guide; these courses are $250. Live one-on-one instrument lessons cost $15-30 for 30 or 45 minutes.

Can I do a free consultation before committing?

Oh yes!  Gathering information in order to make a wise decision does not commit you to anything. A live consultation time allows you to communicate your specific needs, introduce your students, and feel confident in making an informed decision. Use the When page to schedule your consultation.

Do you have any discounts?

There are three discounts available to eLearner U families:  referral, family, and missionary. Contact eLearner U to have the referral or missionary discounts applied.

Family Discount:  There is a cascading 50% discount per sibling who enrolls in the same course. For example, brothers Curly, Moe, and Larry all enroll in Music Skills D.  Curly's tuition is $250, but Moe's is $125, and Larry's is only $62.  Their parents pay $437 for a collective 105 music lessons at $4.16 a lesson.

Referral Discount:  Existing eLearner U students will earn a 10% discount for passing along the word to friends and family who sign up at eLearner U.

Missionary Discount:  This discount is on a case-by-case basis.  Contact eLearner U to find out what your options are.

How do I pay?

Add a course to your shopping cart by going to the course page via the WHAT tab. You can then check out using PayPal, Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A check by mail is also acceptable. (The student's course access is granted as soon as the check is deposited.)